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Thread: Soundblaster 5.1 Digital

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    i'm looking to upgrade my computer sound system and i have seen this card going for about £25 on

    i just need to know if people think the card is any good, and i also need to find out about what inputs and outputs it has on it. this is because i will be using a tv card with it that has an external audio connector cable(which need to go into the audio in, my dad's computer doesn't have an audio in if you use 6channel output on it), and to check that it has the 3 sterio jack audio outs to connect with the speakers i'm ordering

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    I have a Live! 5.1 card a Creative Inspire 5.1 6 speaker set.

    It sounds excellent, and costs $60 US including shipping.

    I highly recommend both.

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    i was looking at videologic zxr-550 speakers to go with the sound card, 65watt RMS, so it should be nice and powerfull, just looked it up on dabs and it says ordered on request so it looks as if i may have to wait a while for them

    so can you tell my what outputs there are on the back of you soundblaster 5.1 digital then? because i can find it documented anywhere

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    Analog/Digital Out (Analog Center & Subwoofer/6-channel S-PDIF Output)
    so does that mean that to use it with 6 channel speakers you need speakers with a digital input? this is why i asked, i don't realy understand it

    edit: it also says this on the page mentioned above:
    Dolby® Digital audio decoding to 5.1 speaker channels in analog or digital modes

    i'm just realy confused by it, and i'm buying it from dabs, so i can't ask them about details of it, as they are internet only

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    Actually, the 6 speaker config that I have only uses 3 of the 5 inputs. I am sorry I am not sure how to answer what you are asking.


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