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    Can anyone help me burn virtua tennis 2k2 so it can be played on my DC? I extracted the .001 file with winrar and now i have files .001-.012 a .nfo file and a .sfv file all in a folder called Dreamcast-Virtua Tennis 2k2. How do i make these into a burnable image? or were what do i do? thanks in advance.

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    any ideas anyone?

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    Not sure where you downloaded this game from, but I have it. Its in a rar file and its in cdi format. I'm trying to find a better version though simply because when echelon ripped it they put a menu at the beginning. The game itself is 100% complete though.


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    Thanks for the reply i dowloaded it right off of kazza lite it was a zip file and when i extracted it it was far from a cdi image. Can i ask where you downloaded it from Tario the file is 212 mb that i have. I probably have the wrong one.


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