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Thread: How Do I Join Mpegs Tgether

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    got a movie in mpeg format but need to join it so can put on dvd-r how do i go about tis and wat programe do i use?

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    Why do you not just put both parts on the dvd, you will not notice that they are two diffrent files, it will just give you a track mark.

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    yea but will it just play the second part without any delay? in other words will there be a little gap between the first part finishing and the second part playing ?

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    Uhh, well I guess that would depend on the kind of DVD player you have (progressive scan or not) and how it was encoded, but i think that the lapse that you usually see at the end of a svcd is just cuz it is te end of the disk, It should work good. (I think) If there was a gap it would be very small.


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