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Thread: 2 Libble giveaway :)

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    I'm Back Everyone :) BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    Jul 2005
    Im giving away 2 Libble invites.
    Rules are simple:
    1. Never cheat or trade it, I will catch you and you will be banned from all of your tracker. (NO JOKE HERE!)
    2. Use it or I will delete it.
    3. Do not ask for it if you never help'd people here. Show me 2-3 examples.
    4. If you PM me you've lost ALL your chances to win one.
    5. WIAW followers GO AWAY.
    6. I need proofs from: 2 other music tracker and direct link to you speedtest.

    Leave your rep viewable so I can check on you.

    Goodluck all!

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    ¤xXx¤ BT Rep: +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24BT Rep +24
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    Apr 2007
    Good giveaway, I love libble, its pretty damn good

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    scribble's Avatar Emma Watson <3 BT Rep: +2
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    Jul 2007
    I would really really like Libble!
    I don't have any music trackers
    (I had oink) So i'm relaly looking for this.
    I am not a trader or a cheater (I hate both) and i swear i won't. Please give me this invite, i would love it.
    Emma Watson is Beautiful!

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    ♥ FST Lover ♥ BT Rep: +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35BT Rep +35
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    Aug 2007
    ♥ FST ♥
    hey pooki, i was a ex-oink member and man i must say i miss that site ..was probably my main source for music ..heard libble is pretty good too, so why not ..i guess ill take a shot at it if you think i deserve an invite feel free to drop me a pm

    thanks in advance

    Wishing for: SweDVDR

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    memnom's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    Feb 2007

    Never Cheated M8, promise, been cheated but its fine...
    i've got into oink just a week and they got out so really dont have a music tracker to show u.

    wont cheat wont trade, as far the helping goes gave some Musicvid and RevTT invites since im new tats all i can do.

    U can keep tabs on me no problem, will be active as much as i can promise.

    can i have the invite please, thanks anyway

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    CrAcK's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    Jun 2007
    Hi can i have one ? I was Power User @ Oink wit 50 Gb Uploads..after the shutdown i registred @ STmuic...

    I hope u can give it to me Big thx!!

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    Got me my 20 posts! BT Rep: +5
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    Jan 2007
    Hey Pooki..

    There is my info, hopefully you sent me a libble invite. I had an OiNk acct and was power user with 3:1 ratio.
    50GB downloaded and about 132GB uploaded.

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    I'm Back Everyone :) BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    Jul 2005
    burtz make your rep points viewable and PM me your mail.

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    Giveaway's Avatar Senior Member BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    Aug 2006
    hello PoOki
    if oink was still on, i would pm you from there, so you could check my ratio = 3 and i would show you a screen or direct link.
    but since oink shut down i can show you this info about me:
    here is screenshot of TranceTraffic Ratio:

    and speedtest:

    as you can see i am not into trading anymore, i want to focus on the trackers i have and dont want to simply collect them.

    i heard libble is really nice and good, so i want to join this site in order to help mates to make it grow and become one of the best trackers.

    i appreciate your invite, just pm me asking for email.
    thank you PoOki for your time
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