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Thread: Learn Basic Programming?

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    Is there a website that would help me learn how to program on my own in Visual basic or C++?

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    yea, i recommend u go out and buy and book cause u got to learn alot.

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    A excellent resource for just about anything is called "Google".

    Start here.
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    Moving you to Softwareworld.

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    This is one of the best websites for programming. Has thousands of code examples, programs, tutorials, and all sorts of stuff for every programming language there is. Check it out, it's really a great site.

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    Originally posted by Risknothin@14 July 2003 - 14:51
    Is there a website that would help me learn how to program on my own in Visual basic or C++?
    This is basically like a free college course. They take college materials (textbooks) and put them online in broken down sections for easier use.

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    I suggest your local library as a start! Good place to find books on programing for free! that is if you join.

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    I used "C++ Programming In Easy Steps" by Mike McGrath. It is well laid out and explains all concepts in an easy manner. I recommend getting this, it's better that trying to learn it by reading from a monitor.

    I'll post the ISBN # later.

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    The books by Microsoft are really good to.


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