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Thread: The Twins Effect

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    Anyone got this movie yet, i've searched for it and only found a DVD rip with bandwidth 1...

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    mandarin verion without english sub's, i'll put up the sub's later

    Offline now

    File:The Twins Effect.avi
    Length:594413568 Bytes, 580482KB
    File:The Twins
    Length:36661 Bytes, 36KB

    Nightsky's Multiplex Theater

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    Wait a minute, which country do u live in and when do u usually be online?

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    added the English sub file. I'll be online in a few minutes.

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    Ok, so i clicked on the link with the Twins Effect file, what do i do know? (Maybe u figured it by now, i'm a noob&#33

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    once u click on the 2 files u want to d/l. Sig2dat or K-sig will automatically intercept the link. Which then it will appear on ur kazaa's traffic screen. If u don't see it downloading, that means it needs extra sources(no other peeps are sharing this or that i'm not online or that you could be waiting online until I have a empty spot for you to connect to me. I only allow 4 uploads, I know it's very little but it'll be better for you cause u'll get a better download speed. I'm only using cable u know.


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    Ok, i'm downloading it from someone namned charlieandlaura2002...what's u'r name?

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    same as my signature...good luck...

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    ok, thnx, i can't still find u'r name, but anyway i'm downloading, so tell me is this movie good?
    Ps. Is there a good subtitle site where i can find this movies subtitle?

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    well, like I mention before I have added the sub file with the movie itself here and on my topic in the verifies in cans section. Just use Bsplayer to play the movie and the subs.

    If you go to my topic section do me a favor and see if the screenshots are flashing like other members are saying?...thx

    O, and my upload slot is full so u're have to wait on line.....sorry..

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