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Thread: Problemo Wit My Friend's Pc

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    Hi my friend has a IBM Aptiva he bought in 1998 (&#33 and it's specs are
    AMD K-6 350mhz
    64mb ram
    Some ATI 8mb graphic card
    6gb Harddrive

    He said his computer ran so fast when he first got it but now its really slow and it started getting slow when he tried to update it or sumthing like that, anyway to like fix it? or anything i should look at?

    His pc is so slowit can't even run aoe2 or a really crappy game for $2.99...
    When u try to run the game the screen goes black and it jsut freezes...
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    Has he ever formatted the drive and re-installed the OS? This could be the problem with things running progressivley slower.
    I format and re-install every few months to keep things running smoothly.

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    Hey! you mentioned that when he tried to update it it slowed it down...its probally becuase..internet explorer 4 might use 12MB or ram and internet explorer 6 might use 40MB...that could slow it down...if he wants speed buy RAM! i had 64MB on 600MHZ i have 320MB of ram..and my computer runs amazingly FAST for how slow it really is..i love it
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    Your friend needs a lot more ram and a faster processor. I would just opt out for a faster computer.


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