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Thread: any interest in pass-arounds?

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    hi im new to the forum but would like to know if anyone knows of groups the support pass-arounds or if any of you guys are interested in pass-arounds basicly one person would be in charge and send a package of dvd's to the next person... they keep the dvd's for a few days then send to the next guy the only requirment is to keep it going and keep it in order this is great for large files and archives and i personaly have a few things to offer if enough interest is around i will post the first pass around 58 gigs and for trekkies but i got lots of other stuff also

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    That's what torrents do pass around why would you want to do that when you can just put it on the net

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    Yea, snail mail is just to slow. I could download 58gigs form Usenet overnight.


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