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    Do you need a cd-rw drive to burn a cd and i want to burn a cd badly but only have $10.Thank You.

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    I assume that this is what you are talkin about Here, previous post.

    Before i say no, I am intersted in your logic, how do you figure that you could burn a CD without a burner?
    With a lighter maybee?
    I am not gonna flame ya, cuz I am sure that there is some logic to your thinking I just can't find it.

    Some kinko's type places will burn ya cd i think, but you would have to have the originals.

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    no,like if i dont have a cd-rw drive like my cd drive.Will i be able to burn movies or games cause i have blank cd-rw's already.

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    Ordinary cd drives will not burn cds. You need to get a burner to burn cds funnily enough

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    Cd burners however are very low priced now however. (with the coming of DVD burners) If you have ten now just save for couple of weeks and yo should have enough. (it now costs more for a stack of 50 cdr's than the burner.)

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    hahaha theres a reason why they sell cd burners you know


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