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Thread: HELP! Windows 2003 server via remote desktop

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    I recently switched my seedbox os to Windows 2003 Server and I'm having trouble accessing via Remote Desktop Connection in Vista.

    My seedbox is on Vectoral and I using the Windows Remote Desktop Client in Vista to attempt to connect to my seedbox. I type in my main IP and login info and it gives me a connection error.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thank you for help this total nooob!!!

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    What is the error message?
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    If you have a firewall running make sure its not blocking the connection (PG2 has been known to block it sometimes).
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    The default port for the remote desktop protocol is TCP/IP port 3389 make sure that this is open in the Windows firewall it is an exception that can be enabled, and also check if any third party firewalls or filtering apps like PG2
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    Hi Guys...

    Got it working now. Had a problem on Vectoral's side. Set it all up and working like a charm! guys are the best!

    Thanks again!


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