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Thread: IRC help

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    how do I connect to this: using mIRC
    "Official" OiNK IRC channel

    The staff have decided on a location to have an "official" IRC.

    irc:// / #oink

    Connect to the server and then register with nickserv before /joining. Vhosts are automatic on this network.
    what exactly do i type, Im a complete IRC noob

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    Found this
    First, we need to register your nickname. With your nick set to what you want to register it as, type this:
    /msg NickServ REGISTER *desiredpasswordhere*
    This will register your nickname as yours. You need to identify yourself, though, first, before you get any benefits. Do this now by typing:
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY *thepasswordyouchose*

    in , maybe it can help you?
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    Instead of typing "msg Nickserv "you can type "ns" .. it's quicker.

    /ns identify *******

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