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Thread: I want help please

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    I supose that is the right place to ask for help , isn't it ??
    anyway i have got profile infraction and find (disabled privs) under my name and this details in my profile

    Post Profile Infraction
    Date 10-31-07 01:44 AM
    Expires 09-19-15 01:44 AM
    Points 5
    Reason Disabled Privileges Posted By DefX

    it shows that this infraction will expire in year 2015 is that ok or what is there now i can't log into my PM or enter bit torrent invite section will i wait until year 2015 until this infraction removed ???

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    Apparently you ignored a PM sent to you about a complaint from another member.

    If you want to discuss this I suggest you create a thread in the Report section.

    The infraction won't be removed until it the matter is settled.
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