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Thread: Media Ripping From Music/data Cd's

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    Just wanna know if anybody knows of some software that will enable me to rip music and video files from the data section of some new music cd's that are out. You know, like the cd's that come out with the a couple of the music video's on the CD also (ie. Blink 182, 3 Doors Down). In particular i wanna rip the music that's played during th menu screen on Puff Daddy's "We Invented the Remix" cd... and the I Need A Girl Part 2 Video that's on there also.

    I've tried opening up the CD with ResHacker but that got me nowhere.

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    For CD-DAs use Easy CD-DA Extractor.

    And for data discs, you have to use a program like WinISO to "rip" the CD into a NRG, ISO or a BIN CD image.

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    This may be a little of topic.....
    You can also try to use dvd to mp3 from orionStudios.
    Works cool on my Music DVD`s

    Uni has split..........


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