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Thread: Kazaa/windows Question

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    Ok here's my question..

    i have over 20 movies in my shared folder all with good sources.. well bar 2 movies... I have all these movies backed up

    but if i wipe my computer and then put these movies back on my computer.. will kazaa find other sources for the movies or will kazaa just think iam the only 1 that sharing these movies..

    Hope that makes sense...

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    not to sure wht you mean, but i think u mean u are downloading about 20 movies?
    and want to format your comp so u gotta back up ur dat files and put them back on your computer when your finished.

    all the info is stored in the dat file, e.g source ips etc. and the file will still have the same hash, so yes it will work.

    but why not just partition ur hard drive, then u can just keep everything on the 2nd partiotion and u wont loose anything.

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    Thanks livy that's sort of what i ment...


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