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Thread: Pre Channels - top sites

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    hello there
    was trying to find out about where ppl get the info about nuked/unnuked releases and read about PRE irc channels.
    so are pre Channels the official place to find nuke info ?
    Heard that most of these channels require an invite ...any1 know any free PRE channels / http sites that you can register to and gain access to pre channels ?

    or are there any http sites that have updated nuke info ?


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    yheh thanks for the quick replies - i guess you didnt understand my question
    yep i know those sites and i know they have nuke/unuked info - but i gather they get their info from other sources - probably irc release channels - "pre channels" and then they put it in a nice http format for us to look at (correct me if im wrong )

    whats at the top of the "food chain" ?

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    There's many free pre-channel (doesnt need an invite) and none central/top channel

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    Blackstreet : care to share ?

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    Google is your friend.


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    wicked mate!

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    The first one on this list is an ok channel.

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