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Thread: Installing Fifa 2003 - Please Help

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    i have downloaded fifa 2003 and the no cd crack.I am having problems getting it to run.I used Winiso to convert the .bin files to .iso files and burned both to disk using Nero at 4x speed.On each disc,when installing there is a file problem that i select ignore for.i then replace the test game with the crack so that the game will start.It will not get past the start - furthest i get is ryan giggs after "easports - its in the game".I then have to restart.I also tried loading from my CloneCD virtual drive but when i mount CD2 it seems to take forever ( it took about 1 hour to load 1% - the .viv files around 44% in) so i stopped the installation.What am i doing wrong? Also,there was no file installation error on cd1 using the virtual drive (don't know about CD2 - didnt wait for it - happens around 75% installed).Should i wait hours to install of the virtual drives and then run from that or do i need better more stable software to burn the .iso images?Any advice please,thanks

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    I have now got FIFA 2003 installed on my PC - the file is there in my program files and i have downloaded 2 different no cd cracks.Neither work though.The game just stops after the EA Sports intro.Is it an Audio or Video problem?Is there something else i have to do?thanks

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    Hmm, where to start probablly at the file error your are getting. It is not the CD crack, if the game starts then the crack is working. The file missing is probably for the next part after the original intro. Maybee instead of just ignoring the error, you shoudl have written down what file it was, and tried to download that file, and replace the corrupt one.


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