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Thread: Best Xp Tweaker?

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    Can anyone tell me what is there favorite or what is the best tweaking utility for Xp?

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    this should be in software world

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    i Thought you could talk about anything in the lounge

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    I think that this should be moved.

    And yes, you can talk about anythinf in the Lounge, but i think that you could get more answers if youd but this question to the softwareworld

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    Post a full sized picture of your sig please

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    tweak xp pro....

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    I have this. It is one of Microsoft's more useful "powertoys".

    You should be able to find it on their site without much difficulty. If not, then here is a link to more free utilities for XP versions. The Tweak UI powertoy is listed among them.

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    Originally posted by stonecold1203@16 July 2003 - 05:13
    Post a full sized picture of your sig please
    this is where his sig is hosted

    it isnt the full size one but it is a little bit bigger, there is some full sizd ones floating around the web thought, the full photoshoot was on bytemonsoon but unfortunately that site is down now

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    I wonder how you knew the picture there was full sized.


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