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Thread: How to Rename A Hard Drive???? HELP

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    Hello all,

    Somehow the external Hard Drive that I use for my iTunes Music renamed its self. It was first named (G:,) Drive now it's named (H:,) I need it to be name (G:,) drive because that is where all of my music for iTunes is located!!

    Can someone please help me out

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    Make sure the external drive is plugged in and active...
    -Right click on My Computer
    -Navigate to "Manage"
    -In the new window that opens, choose "Disk Management" in the lefthand pane
    -This should open a graphical representation of all your disks/partitions
    -Right click on the drive you need to change and choose "Change drive letter and path"
    -Hopefully, "G" will be an available option but if not you'll have to see what device is currently labelled "G" and change it to something else first, then go back and rename the iTunes drive as "G".
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    thank you so much man, ive been trying to figure it out fr about a week and didn't even think to right click my computer itself.

    Thanksss againnn
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    Never knew it was that easy to rename the drives, thanks clocker.


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