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Thread: dt ?

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    can anyone send me an invite to desi torrents for free?
    appreciate that

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    Hey pal, Desitorrents is closed. And they even had invites disabled for a long time


    DT is temporarily offline!

    Our financial situation has been critical for the past few months, and the donations very slow. Since DT is a torrent site, our advertisers are not being kind to us either. You may have noticed recently that all the ads were removed for a long period of time. We are currently looking for more stable advertisers.

    We need your donations or else we'll be forced to shut this site down. The traffic is increasing and so is the cost of maintaining our servers.

    Please donate, even if its a small amount and save this website. DT will be closed until we have reached our goal amount. In the mean while, we'll be making some changes to the site and complete our regular server maintenance. Thanks. "

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    desitorrents is down for a couple of weeks from now and i doubt it will be back, even if it is back, there is no invite system in DT for u to get in! So, chances are pretty low


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