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Thread: minimum speed

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    1>can some one tell me whats the minimum speed of internet connection for the seed box to work efficiently/satisfactorily?
    (i know seed box works best on 100 mb connection,i want to know the minimum ,bottom line speed for it to work satisfactorily)

    2>what happens if someone uses seed box on a 256 kbps or less connection..?does it make any difference? how does it affect the download and upload speed?

    3>if some one has a 2-3 mb internet connection speed and uses a seed box how many times might the upload and dowload efficiency gets increased by?


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    we don't have any of these things you call seedbox's here
    I thought speeds on the interwebz are all the same
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    You might have to elaborate a lit bit here.

    As i have a hard time figuring out what you are really asking.
    But ill give it a shot anyway

    A seedbox on a 256 connection is not going to work verry well. Well you are going to be a ble to seed and all that. But the point of a seedbox is to help you out with your seeding. And you have do download what you are going to seed as well. So downloading a 700mb movie and then seeding it back at 25k/s is going to take like over 12hours. And thats if you are able to seed at max the hole time. Usually stuff gets hard to seed after a few hours. And if you manage to seed at max the entire time its you have then only seeded it back to 1:1. Not really helping your ratio.

    The minimum for it to work, well that depends on how much you want upload each day.

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    sounds like you aren't really clear on what the concept of a seedbox is. Any computer that you use to seed is technically a "seedbox". However, in the context of bittorrent file sharing, seedboxes are dedicated servers that you rent because of their high connection speeds and bandwidth limits.

    You also may want to check out this thread:


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