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Thread: Can I Play Counter Strike With

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    dudevenezuela's Avatar VIP
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    May 2003
    I'm just wondering if i can play counter strike with my pc┐┐

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    DarthInsinuate's Avatar Died in battle
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    Jan 2003
    Arkham Asylum
    yes, probably - min requirements for Half-Life 133mhz, 64mb ram

    don't know if its the same for CS retail - check the official website
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    CadeLaguana's Avatar Poster
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    I have a friend that has 500 mhz processor, 92 mb of ram, and a shitty old video blob chip thing. With his resolution turned down low, it runs ...ok...(I guess, though laggy). You have 256 it should run pretty good though bad graphics.

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    i HAD exactly same as yours i dont know it ran like it was laggy my ping was like 30 and it still ran 30 but when i got my new computer pazazzz it went SMoothly!!

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    Damnatory's Avatar OTL BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Mar 2003
    Ok I played Half life a couple of times, but it sucked ass... Is counter strike way better?

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    Theyre the same games really, a few differences, but i think theyre just the same...if you don't like half life, you won't like cs. I never liked the game, medal of honor (playing online) is better in so many ways.

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    Originally posted by Damnatory@16 July 2003 - 11:19
    Ok I played Half life a couple of times, but it sucked ass... Is counter strike way better?
    not big of a difference u just have like realistic guns lol and u kill other opponets not really huge difference!

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    The game should run on the machine you mentioned, I used to play CS on a P2 300Mhz with 208 (or sumthin' like that) MB of ram and a 4 MB video card

    The game ran fine, with the grafix turned down to the lowest possible....

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    but it would freeze every couple of seconds

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    CS works on my PIII 500mhz ,128 ram ,8mb video, windows xp

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