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Thread: Flac and the flacking flackers thet use it

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    Well I have been without oink for over a week and its terrible. I only like high quality rips and can't seem to find a good source for them, any suggestions? Even if its private let me know so I can work on getting in. thank you in advance -tenth

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    There are only 2 main sites - E**** and Perdo's.

    E**** is the mountaintop, so do what you need to to get there. Though you'll find no pre-released albums there; it's actually against the rules to upload prior to an official release.

    The FST group

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    what the flac? check out and as a replacement but be patient they are just getting started.

    Also isn't mp3 320 good enough, flac is just unnecessary unless you have the necessary equipment to hear the difference?

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    Pedro's BTMusic and E**** are both FLAC trackers.

    There are new "OiNK replacements" that have FLAC, but it's hard to judge which will last. and Waffles are/were the most anticipated predecessors of OiNK.
    Both are having problems and I don't think you can get invites at the moment, but soon there shouldn't be much of a problem.

    STMusic is open and has quite a few FLAC uploads.
    Demonoid has a lot of everything so it can be a good resource.

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    Thank you for the pointers I think I'll be good now.

    @Skizo I'm not really interested in pre-releases, I can wait for quality.

    @Dr_Green_Thumb Yeah mp3 is what I usually use but I like to have lossless on file because you never know what future technology will bring.
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