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Thread: Problem With Some Files That I Download...

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    I'm new here, but I've had Kazaa Lite for a long time, and this may have been already posted but, lately, some software files that I download seem to just be pranks in which once I open them, it puts about 70 more software items in My K-Lite. Sometimes they don't delete immediately, but I can always take them away somehow. Please tell me how I can avoid downloading files of the such. Thanks

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    Are you sure the file you have downloaded isnt an archive of some description and you have decompressed them into a folder within your shared folder. As the default for this is usually within the same folder the original archive was in. I trust that you scanned the files with an anti-virus of some description.

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    You have to be more specific as to what you did download.
    Was it a KaZaA add-on ?In that case scan with anti-spywaretools like AdAware or SpybotS&D.
    Or was it just a compressed file :look at extension(enable view of all extensions in folderoptions).

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    sounds like he downloaded a lagger sent by some jerk. dude, use verified downloads! all the files are REAL and get yourself like norton 2003 or something if you're worried about virii. but verified doesnt have anything fake. very few apps on vd are fake

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    I put an extremely high probability that you have (multiple even&#33 Kazaa viruses.

    Get some good (up-to-date, not McAfee) antivirus software.

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    I mean, I was looking up DeadAIM cracks cause i needed one and I found this prog named AIM Hack EZ, and it sounded suspicious so I d/led it and it just gave me a bunch of various fake software and some fake pics, etc. I've got a Norton Virus Scanner and it wasn't a virus. Also i checked to mkae sure and there werent any kazaa viruses. Thanks everyone for your help even though it was a stupid ques kinda

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    Norton may not have detected anything but that doesn't TOTALLY rule out the possiblility of viruses.

    Does the directory:
    c:\windows\scache32 exist?
    Does it contain any hidden files? (right-click on directory name and click properties.)

    Also are the files xms.32.exe and/or SYSTEM32.EXE in your c:/windows/system directory?

    If you answered yes to any of that, you've got Kazaa viruses!


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