Please try this as I need some feed back to continue with development.


Dargens now has NAT/firewall hole punching, is encrypted (so no traffic shaping) and needs no set-up whatsoever. It also does multi-source downloading.

You can create your own private network just by sharing URLs or join a large network and still download privately.

So get connected and share your life online.

Site works like a private tracker but you contol who you connect to so no need to trade invites.

Still beta, open source see code http://code.google.com/p/kerjodando/ .

A friend to friend network where you can download from everyone not just your friends.

Couple of draw backs:
(1) Uses Java (but does not seem to work for Macs or Linux);
(2) Public network is for sharing non-copyright / user created content e.g. new unsigned bands;
(3) Privately you can share anything with friends/family .


1)Go to dargens see http://www.dargens.com/ and click on a network (click on image in TV) or

2)Set up new swarm (a private file sharing network), "Make a New Swarm Page" - see bottom right of home page. No need to register.

3)Make a note of the swarm page url (web address) - write it down so that you can get back to it - that is your SECRET private key into YOUR private file sharing network.
(You may need to refresh page to see the new swarm page.)

4)Click start to download and launch client kerjodando (java needed, open source).

5)Get your friends and their friends to go to that page (email them the link) and tell them what to do.

6)Only people who know your private swarm page web address can connect to you.

See development blog at http://kerjodando.blogspot.com/ (a mod of ants p2p)