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Thread: invites for trade

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    nvm. offer rescinded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mogizzle View Post
    I have 9 What.Cd invites up for trade. Looking for a Waffles first and foremost, but other offers are accepted. PM me any offers.
    The site is full, so registrations and invitations have been stopped.

    I'll give you OiNK acc with invitatons and with 30+ GB buffer,ok?

    No,you are idiot,happy "transactions"!
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    stop being an idiot. i was a power user on oink before it got shut down with a 100+ gig buffer. There should be no posts in this thread other than successful transactions. PM me any offers.

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    Invites are enabled. Shoot me offers through PM. Waffles is wanted, but other offers are welcome

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    You sould be ashamed of yourself because:
    You offering an invite which can easily be found in at least 25 different giveaways
    You're trading which is not allowing trading for invites..


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