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Thread: A Good System Checkup

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    1. Windows Washer v4.8.. 1 button wash everything

    2. Adaware 6 Pro.. Click the update button first, then goto "Scan Now", make sure "activate in-depth scan" is checked.

    3. Norton Antivirus 2003 Pro.. Check for updates first, then run a full system virus scan.

    4. Norton Utilities 2003 Pro (included in Systemworks 2003 Pro only).. Run 1 button checkup. (make sure u dont have the "SpeedDisk feature installed.. or if u do, skip it" (not needed right now).

    5. Goto Windows Update and download/install all of the critical/service packs.. read through any other updates as well.. Driver updates arnt recommended unless u are having problems with that device really.

    6. ok.. before u defrag make sure u have all your extra junk files and such cleaned up.. Look through "My Shared Folder", "My Documents", or wherever u store files constantly and get rid of stuff you "know" you dont need n e more. (Dont Forget to empty the recycle bin when your done.. also empty the Norton Protected Files if u got Norton System Works or Ult.

    7. Perfect Disk 6.0.. If you have Windows 2k or Xp (not 95,98,ME, or older.. for those just use the defualt or try out Diskeeper 7.0), than use Perfect Disk! This program works wonders and does a much better job than the 2k or XP defrag program. Goto Analize for it to show u wat your hardrive looks like right now.. Now goto Defrag and use "Smart Defrag" (should already be checked). This could take some time, so find something else to do while it works.
    Once it's finished.. you will notice a much higher performance.

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    Just a question - that perfect disk that you mentioned, have you ever uninstalled it. The reason that i ask is that I tried diskkeepr, and did not like or something. After i uninstalled it my default program was no longer there!!

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    I uninstalled PerfectDisk v5.0 to install v6.0.

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    Spybot Search & Destory >>>>>>>>>> Ad-aware

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    Originally posted by zapjb@16 July 2003 - 04:01
    I uninstalled PerfectDisk v5.0 to install v6.0.
    Ok well did you notice in the process of if the default windows defrag wias still there, just incase i do not like the program.


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