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    Hey, I'm seeking out anyone that has used for a server before.

    What was the cancellation process for you like? What did you do to get them to cancel it?

    Do you really have to give them 30 days notice? I'm really confused here!

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    Artemis's Avatar ןɐɯɹou ǝq ʎɥʍ BT Rep: +3
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    you really have to give the billing department 30 days notice as it says in the user agreement, there is no need to be confused about that it is fairly plain. Just log into your client access panel and create a ticket for the billing department notifying them of the termination of the contract.


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    Have you had a server with them? Is that all you did?

    Cause I have not gotten any replies to any of my tickets.
    How am I supposed to know if the server is scheduled for termination or not?

    I've emailed and submitted tickets, desperately trying to find out.

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    Artemis's Avatar ןɐɯɹou ǝq ʎɥʍ BT Rep: +3
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    I agree the customer service leaves something to be desired, I have a server with them currently but a friend just terminated his lease in this way, if they don't respond just make sure no further payments can be debited to your a/c, you have notified them of termination that according to their TOS should be enough.


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    Has anyone here used them and canceled with them before, though? I'm just wondering about some past experiences.

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    I know some people here have talked about being previous renters!

    I'm desperate for info!

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    i would go with best service i have ever had. super fast and helpful people. and its month to month cancel anytime
    ScT S** ScL ViP sT tD

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    okay well many unresponsive tickets later, max finally emailed me and said it had been canceled.

    I had been a customer for 3 months so technically the contract that they mention had been all paid for.


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    No need to be confused
    just make sure that you give them the 30 days notice and they do cancel it


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