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Thread: Looking for invites

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    I guess im in the same boat as most. I'm really looking for any invites to new trackers, I'm already a member at and THe Dvd club, but beyond that, I use public trackers :-( I would really like to be part of a good site. I will upload too if my upload speed is acceptable for the sites rules. I can prove good ratios if proof is needed. I will not violate rules to any torrent site, which means I will not trade my invites, sorry :-( )
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    What all trackers you need? Depends on the content you want to download!

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    I typically just download Appz, movies, and music. I dont have any music trackers so I guess music would be the one I would need the most :-\

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    I can invite you to STmusic, VIPmusic or Kraytracker...

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    Would you be willing to give me a VIPmusic invite? That site has more of the music I like ^_^


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