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Thread: Selling Dled Movies

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    i was thinking about selling downloaded movies in school even tho its REALLY illigal....but i could make good money cause kids in my school dont know about warez and pirating stuff

    my question is... is it worth it? and do any of u do it?
    if a teacher or somthing saw i could get like 18 months in jouvy!!

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    you jest, right?

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    18 months ? in juvy ? more like life on the rockpile if you get caught.

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    IMO that crosses the line between sharing and pirating. :pirate:

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    I was thinking about selling ken park to everyone seeing its banned in Australia...but yeah selling a pirated ban movie in Australia...don't really wanna go there...

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    Originally posted by tite-wad@16 July 2003 - 04:56
    IMO that crosses the line between sharing and pirating. :pirate:
    I agree, I duno why but that just seems wrong. It is kinda like drugs, I mean it is ok to use them but to sell them then you are scum? (not calling you scum just an analagie)

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    Originally posted by tite-wad@16 July 2003 - 05:56
    IMO that crosses the line between sharing and pirating. :pirate:
    more like stealing IMHO.
    He doesn't want to buy a legal copy, because "the artists are rich enough", and then he goes out and makes money on their backs?

    Besides, 18 months in juvy is nothing, but as you're underaged, your parents will have to pay the fine.
    And for some reason, I don't think it will be small, if you were caught selling.
    Don't put your parents in that position kid. Just enjoy the movies, and share them.
    We are a non-profit organisation, dude!!!

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    yes i do agree now the fine would be huge and its just not worth it...

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    my teacher let us watch t3 on the last day of summer school

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    my eigth grade teacher through a party for us at her house but warned us not to "mess around" lol we were nerds anyway(i was in honors courses at the time) but i guess she didn't want someone's daughter getting laid in her house!

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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