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    With nero six do I need to find all of the plugins that i have for 5.whatever version I have, Or do the old ones still work, or are they included in the package that Gre1 uploaded on to .

    Edit: Nevermind - found out on my own, they are included with the retail release.

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    Lookie here who needs help Mr. No it all, but thats old, anyway good to see u found out what u were looking for I was gone so I couldn't reply anyway all that bickering over nothing shit is dead. Holla at ya boy

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    haha, Yeah I had to swallow my pride pretty hard on that one once i noticed that you had upped the torrnet. haha

    Very nice share - anyways so does it do everything that old one did (plus more obviously new version) without the need for extra plugins?

    Edit: I know that there is not any right now, but I mean is there going to be to come, it look complete at first glance but i have not really used it yet.


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