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Thread: Questions on PDF

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    I have a few questions regarding PDF files. I am creating a document in MS Word, which will be made into a PDF file. In the Word document, I am adding links to other parts of that same document, will those links be preserved and will they function in the PDF file? What about photos added in word, any problems with those in PDF?

    My plan is to then burn this onto a CD and distribute to a few other people. I know that sometimes a home burned CD cannot be read on some computers. Is there anything I can do to minimize this problem? Thanks everyone.

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    trial and error my friend.

    just create it and try it on your own. assuming you're using a converter that is licensed with Adobe(it's their file type), all should work well.
    besides, it will only take a couple of minutes to do this.

    no one should have any problems reading a .pdf file from a CD you've burned.

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    Thanks Harry. Actually, I was going to let Adobe make the file. They have an offer at their website to make your first five files free. If it works out well I might purchase the software.
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