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Thread: aarrrgghhhh nnoooo DOH utorrent gone

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    ok well i guess by the heading that things are not so good my spyware updated and found a trojan in utorrent and very nice of it indeed it quarantined it but when i brought it back all my settings were gone.
    now i did get a tutorial when i first started but no idea where from i have checked the tuts on here and cannot find one for utorrent so does anyone have one tucked away somewhere? i still have utorrent exempted in windows firewall but no idea how to open a port or of any setting within utorrent so please help it has been two days since my last download and i am going through withdrawals.


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    Have you tried the Utorrent forums or mabye Portsforwards home page ? I would reinstall Utorrent 1.1.6 and start again . Its a bugger but at least your Anti virus works .


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