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Thread: Can anyone help?

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    Hi iv been gone for a couple months on vacation, but i have been a good and strong seeder for oink and other sites that i can remeber off the top of my mind. I have nothing left as i have moved to another country, i left my belonings in Canada. My 400 gigabite hard drive and my laptop are coming on the way with many programs, albums, hacks, etc...

    I am not leeching or begging but if anyone would be so kind to send me an invite to any good sites like


    Thats about all i can remeber off the top of my head but i have huge lists on my hrd drive. Thx in advance
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    Update - TL invites are closed for now...don't think its going to open anytime soon.

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    assuming you are talking about, they don't require registration.

    Also, I would remove your e-mail from your post. It's kind of dodgy posting your e-mail in public like that....PM it to someone if they have an invite for you

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    thx for the tip


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