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Thread: My (serious?) reasons for wanting be part of the community

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    Hi mates!

    I am new at this forum but I am no n00b on sharing.

    I believe I deserve your invite and trust because:
    1. I believe in sharing.
    I think sharing is like lending a book to or having a dinner with your neighbors or friends - it's more about give than take.

    2. I believe good things must be made accessible to more and all peoples poor or rich.

    3. I don't trade things a friend's given me like I don't trade up my friendship.

    4. Me and Karagarga are good match.
    I love films that offer me uncensored views of life and help me think deeper about life. Incidentally, the films I love turn out to be classic. Again incidentally, Karagarga specializes in that and it seems to have lots of members like me.

    5. I won't let you down.
    I take your invite/trust/friendship seriously. I won't let you down. I will work hard to share and keep up status as Power User at Karagarga.

    Thank you for your kind considerations


    PS: If you are aware of tracker with similar specialization like Karagarga's, please kindly advise. Your advice is equally appreciated as your invite

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    PM me your mail address.
    army now... //

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    cinema -obscure mate but invite only too

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    Quote Originally Posted by lingo View Post
    PM me your mail address.
    Thanks for the trust and friendship mate
    Invite received and registered. Again thanks lingo mate!!!
    Let's stick around
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    Close the thread then


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