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Thread: Burst! For Beginners.

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    I stumbled on how dl with burst! from a hash(?). Where can I find a simple guide for it. You know, so I can share my files (ul) & etc. TY.

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    Here is the site,copy and paste it as link wouldn't work( it helps

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    Still looking for noob guide for burst...

    I tried the link that NEMO posted but there is no guide for using burst. Theres a couple of faq's but thats it. I also did searches in other forums and did not find any help. I have been using K-Lite for quite a while and decided to try bittorent also.

    The question I have is for seeding
    Under Files
    Lets say I want to seed a move that is an AVI file

    torrent file - Is this the torrent I made with make torrent?
    Now this is where Iím confusedÖ. The save to file. Do I choose the actual AVI file I want to share? Or ?

    I choose the original AVI and uploaded this to my tracker the file size was 0.
    Now my file size for the AVI on my computer is only 212 Mb when it should have been much higher. I canít play the movie any more.

    When I put save to file did my original avi get writen over?

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    Lets try this a different way...

    As you can see I'm new at posting, I have always found the answer by searching the forum for my question and I thought myself to much a noob to answer a question, but I'm ready now. Not in other P2P forum its still new to me but in K-Lite.

    Surely I'm not the first person to have this question.

    I can seed a file that I originally downloaded from a bittorent site.
    If I try to seed a file that I downloaded from another P2P site (KLite)
    Thats where the problem is. I make torrent, upload it thats fine.
    when I try to seed I put in torrent I made and then save as file is the original AVI I downloaded from P2P site. When I push go, the AVI file still has its original name but the file size is the same as the torrent and the AVI will no longer play. Thats why I think the torrent file has replaced the AVI file.
    If I don't put the originally AVI file in the save as file how does the torrent know to go look in there to see if the file is complete.

    I don't know if anyone can understand this, I think I just confused myself..

    I don't want to download anything else until I get seeding to work. I don't like to take and not give back. What I do download from Bittorent/KLite I do share on the other.

    Thanks in advance

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    You confused me too, is this what you are saying.

    When you try and seed a file of your own, it corrupts the original?

    As for a couple of other things that you mentioned, yes you do have to selcect the original file when it aks you where to save it. Do you get any uploads? Where are you uploading the torrent to?

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    I think I have figured it out.

    I had created a torrent file, I then decided to change my announcment URL, so I went back into create torrent found the torrent i wanted to change, clicked on the new tracker and hit create torrent. This created a torrent of my torrent, I think. Anyway I deleted all the torrents I created from my files which were only 1KB and created new ones, these were all about 27 KB which were the approx size of the good torrents i had downloaded. I then uploaded my new torrent and started burst.
    to make a log story short (to Late) IT WORKED...


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    Burst! sucks, really it does

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    My op is 3 months old.

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    Originally posted by zapjb@16 October 2003 - 23:29
    My op is 3 months old.

    Image Resized

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    op = original post or poster


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