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Thread: So Close, So Far...

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    Currently trying to get CD Architect 5.0 plug-ins, this is where i always combust...How do I get past needing to register so i can burn mp3's with all the extras?(crossfading etc.) I downloaded from u-no-where but can't get anything to execute...

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    are there no cracks, patches or serials available in the usual places?

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    yes, keygens for Sound Forge as well as cdArchitect are working, but i guess i'm unsure of the process of adding the plug-in. checking the plugin manager in my cdarchitect, I lack the mp3 plugin to make burning mixed, crossfaded mp3's possible. I've got the "keygen" for the plugin, but i'm not sure when to enter it. When I try to add an mp3 to the project, i'm told to register the plugin, then the error says "serial not in database". What am i doing wrong?
    Thanks for the response


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