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    Hey people...

    I was wondering u some1 cld tell me where i can get the Roxio Easy Cd Creator..The DVd and CD...Version 6 i think

    Download a lot of fakes one...

    Cld some1 post a hash please..

    Need it badly

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    Sorry mate. When I have the time, I'll download it, but the program sucks, so probably not too soon. Go to Kazaa and search for Roxio, full versions do exist.

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    Yes it does suck. The only advantage I've seen is the claim that it can span files across multiple disks. Haven't tried that so don't know if it works. I did spend an hour or so after install clearing shit out of the taskbar and disabling autostarting programs I'll never use though.

    Stick with the programs you know will work. The newer shit is all way too bloated now.
    650 meg is rediculous for a program that could be run wth 10 meg.

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    go here

    and search for it
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!


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