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Thread: Declicking And Dehissing

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    I would like to have some opinions on how to get rid of LP noises recorded onto mp3 files that I have downloaded from kazza lite. I have two programs that I am trying that does get rid of clicks and hisses from an mp3 file but there must be something better.

    I have Audacity with does a fair to poor job of declicking a file. Audacity is an editor/recorder and declicking and de-hissing is not its main function.

    I also am trying Groove Mechanic 2.5 which is supposed to declick and dehiss,
    but it only does a fair to good job. I have to convert the mp3 file to wav, to decompress the file, then run the file through the software serveral times at different settings to get rid of 75 % of the clicks. Plus it is not freeware.

    There is other software, notably Declick 2000 but that is an plugin for Cooledit 2000. I am looking for standalone software until Audacity comes up with an plugin

    I am using Windows Xp and and do not have any compliers so I cannot complie programs (sometimes only uncomplied versions are avable for download) .

    Any suggestions on other software would be greatly appreciated

    If this question has been asked before I am sorry for asking it again

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    try mp3 doctor

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    Cool edit pro

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    Nero's sound editor is pretty good too.

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    Soundforge 6 with the Noise Reduction plugIn works better than anything else I have tried. You can select an isolated noisy section (good for vinyl in between tracks) work out how much reduction you need then apply it to the whole sound file.

    The plug in can be found on Kazza as Soundforge Noise Reduction 2.0

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