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Thread: Anyone Need A Qualified Getaway Driver

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    i did a racing course yesterday (got a voucher for last christmas) and now that i'm a real racing driver (hahaha) i just thought i'd offer my services as a getaway driver

    if you need any references, here is my score card. i only got 76 points, but when you consider the driver of the day 78.5 and i'm only 18 compared to the rest of the group who were 25+, i'm pretty pleased with that

    here is my certificate from the day.

    p.s. the only thing that spoiled the day for me was the wasp who stung me on the way back, but since i was in a very fast car going very quickly, i didn't care too much
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    i do meet me at sucide point in alabama

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    i&#39;m on my way to safeway to steal as many muffins as i can...let&#39;s do this&#33;


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