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Thread: PU seeks Waffles

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    G'day Guys.

    I'm hoping someone can look after me and invite me to waffles. A bit about me. I am an Xtreme PU at ScT, a VIP at bitmetv, a PU at, a PU at torrent leech, a PU at diwana and a PU at As you can see, I'm no leech. Oh, I was also a PU at oink, too. I can send some pics to verify all of the above. Hope someone can hook me up so I can get my dose of kids cds.

    Appreciate an invite.

    Very excited to see five pms just now. Pity 4 were asking for bitmetv in return an done bitmeorg. Come on fellas, I'll remeber the inviter. Jars is a big believer in karma.
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