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Thread: Waffles Giveaway!

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    I have waffles invites. Post your ratios and speedtests and a very good reason I should choose you. DO NOT PM ME, you will be disqualified.

    Edit: opened up to. So you can choose one or the other.
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    NM. Invite already received.
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    "Dude, where's my rar?"

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    i would love a waffles invite! dont have any screenshots but was a former oink user with 250gb uploaded please I really must get on this site...ive been trying all nite!

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    Hey i would like an invite to waffles. i know im a new user and may be hard to trust but ive just found this site and discovered that waffles may be the best music torrent site out. Also, you can see that my speed tests arent that great but i always keep my ratio above one .

    EDIT: The ratio is from SuperTorrents sorry i cut off so much.
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    Thanks for hosting the giveaway but an awesome person gave me an invite already.
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    A former oink user, and I have 100~gb's of music ready to be uploaded and shared.

    And I would also greatly appreciate it.

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    Ratios :

    I want waffles because i im hungry (I said that like 6 times)

    By the way , i would love to add some invites to your giveaway. if someone needs an invite pm me.


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    Can u please invite me to Waffles please?
    I have a very good collection of music and can upload more, because I have a rapidshare premium account also, so have access to the rapidshare content also.

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