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Thread: Download Difficulties With Steely Dan

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    I downloaded 7 or 8 Steely Dan files from the new album to give it a listen. Every file is exactly the same song, which lasts about 1:30, and then fades away to silence for the remainder of the file. Every file plays the same tune...and fades.
    Tried all different user sources - same results. Even renamed the files after arrival, and edited clip info. No clue...Do you?

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    Look for it on Soulseek. I found it there. Good Luck.

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    Iwas trying DL "The Last Mall" and got a couple bad files that only lasted 30 seconds. It was not the real song, but whatever song it was it had a hell of an intro and I would like to find that song it if possible.
    Anyone know what the name would be ... thanks


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