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Thread: is there a difference between premium and newsgroup

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    granted i dont download anywhere near 5gb a day. is there any reason why i would choose newsgroups over rapidshare premium and a good warez board?

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    usenet is far better ,but in your case 5GB/day rs is fine too
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    Being a RS premium user myself, I wud go with rapidshare.

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    I have both and find myself using usenet more just out of convenience. It's easier to search binsearch than many forums. However, there are many rapidshare search engines that do help somewhat.
    I'd recommend you use rapidshare though if you had to pick between one. It' s a lot cheaper than usenet access (assuming you buy 6 months or a year at a time). I think there's more content and the speeds are the same for both. 'Retention' is also better for rapidshare. Use a download accelerator and join a few boards and you should be set to go.

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    I use my ISP to access Usenet for free movies up to 100 days old found on binsearch or newleech.


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