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Thread: 5 invite giveaway

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    i have many invites to trackers that are zero -day and rated at 9's....i dont want to post the name of the trackers....if you want an invite....send pm, ask if i have the tracker u want....need screenshots and speed tests.....

    hint:look under 'what torrent invites are worth' for zero days trackers rated at '9'......

    first come first serve.....

    everyone keeps asking about a certain level 9 tracker....I didnt say the trckers are "level 9" i said they are rated a 9/10...there is a difference...

    its not a level 9 tracker!!! its a tracker rated 9/10...everyone keeps asking for a certain level 9 tracker....its not that.....! these trackers are rated 9/10....but the actual level varies!!!!

    ok leaving now....but when i come back later on....i will make decisions about torrent sites.....
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