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Thread: .iso's, .cue's, .bin's Please Help Me Out Here

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    Ok i feel really dumb asking this but first of all im putting this post in Gameworld, because well i have games with these file extensions. Last night i started downloading a few games that i found verifieds for in the Forums. So i found what i needed, they were .BIN, and .ISO.
    I seriously have no clue what im doing, so how do i run these to make the! And some of the verifieds had things called .CUE that were also available to DL i said what the hell its here so i should download it. I did and i have no clue what it is. Please Help! Thanks

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    This is a CD image. It contains the data of a whole CD.

    This is a small text file that contains some additional information about how a file should be burned by your CD Burning software. For .bin files it usually tells which mode to use. Cue files are also sometimes used to burn a single MP3 file (an album) as several tracks.

    This is an CD image. It contains the data of a whole CD.

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    Thanks...and i just found this site too from this guy

    toddiscool Posted: 16 July 2003 - 01:01


    Need Easy to follow Help with Video CD's or what do with cd image files (bin's, cue's, iso's, img's, CCD's, SUB's) - Go Here

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    Hey alright someone using my site.


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