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Thread: Movies- Big Surprises!

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    Hi all,

    Have you ever see a movie that you never heard off, and at the end it was a big good surprise?
    Well, when I saw "Equilibrium" I thought it was another minor action movie . Well, minor don't have anything . Good plot, better acting and very good action scenes (reminding the ones from "The Matrix"). It's not a "five" stars film, but when we go with a minus one in the mind...

    What about you?

    Portugal, where the sun always shine!!! (almost, lol)

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    yeah i watched a movie called heat but when i first saw it i only saw the last 25 minutes, that part wasnt very interesting so i decided to download it and when i saw the whole thing i was blown away by it.

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    One of the best movies that I ever watched was one that I had never heard of: A Simple Plan. I didn't know anything about this movie and I was looking for something to rent when the guy at the grocery store suggested it. Very good show, if you haven't seen it check it out.

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    haha ive seen that. it was on one night at like 1am or somethin. i was about 2 go 2 bed, it didnt sound any good. but 4 some reason i gave it a try, and im soooo glad i didnt let tiredness beat me. great movie.


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