Is there a little waffle to an X oink user.

Well to be honest with you.

I am addicted to good music.

My main reason. You help me I help you.
So simple is that. Since i have alot of different trackers, also highlevels.

More reasons for doing something for the community of
1) 20 mb line for fast sharing/uploading
2) X oink user
3) Trusted in many different forums there among FTN,TT,Sct, and many others.
4) more than 200 GB music for sharing
5) More than 3.2 TB HD space for files.

I will send you proofs of what i am talking about but not in here public.

So if you like an fast sharer, trusted torrentuser then choose me.

I need your mail to send the proofs of where i am a member

pm me if you are interested


p.s dont underestimate the users in here, I dont care about reppoints. What counts for me is connections/freinds. And I dont do trades any longer.