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Thread: Getting Stressed Out With Anonymous BitTorrent

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    "With 6-figure file-sharing fines being handed out, people like OiNK facing prison and ISPs meddling with BitTorrent, hiding your online activity is becoming a hot topic. Relakks burst onto the scene as savior a little while ago but are they still performing for the BitTorrent community? Relakks’ed? Stressed out more like."

    "Millions of people around the globe share files and most do so without a second thought for privacy issues. A lot don’t know that it’s possible for people to monitor their online activities and equally, many will know that they can be monitored but chance their hand that they are one in millions and will probably slip under the radar.

    For an increasing number of net users, privacy and a level of anonymity is becoming a requirement, especially for those in locales where ridiculous fines and prison sentences are becoming more prevalent. Those faced with the menace of P2P meddling ISPs or those hassled by the nuisance of sites being blocked can solve all of these problems with a VPN - a Virtual Private Network service.

    Anyone looking for a Relakks alternative (who doesn’t wish to read my rantings!) should scroll to the section below marked: "Relakks Alternatives""

    For more details, visit the source link.

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    Yeah sure VPN will work. But what are you going to be VPN'ing into to? Your work computer?

    One way or another you need a place to VPN into and unless you start doing stuff like VPN'ing into a public library or something like that, it's still not that viable.
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