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Thread: Diablo Ii

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    i'm thinking about dling diablo 2, but i'm not sure if its worth the 1.4 gigs... i know its old, but my computer is old too, and the new games don't work very well on it. so... anyone tell me wether diablo 2 is good enough of a game

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    Ya it's good. Just got old after you have made so many legit and hacked characters, beatin the game a million times, and made tons of mods You can also go and buy it. You can get Diablo + Diablo II + Lords of Destruction in a set for pretty cheap.

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    yeah it's really good. what connection speed do you have? cause it's really cheap now only $20 so it might just be less hassle to buy it. yaknow help save some time but it'd deffinitly be worth the download if u don't want to buy it

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    if u go to costco u can buy diablo the first one for like i think 4 bucks and maby the second one is like seven bucks!

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    Plus, it's fun being able to play online

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    what do u do with a mdf and mds file? i'm dling diablo 2 rite now, but the files are .mdf and .mds
    What do i do with them?

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    its a pretty cool game and its easy to run on all computers....

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    Those are Alcohol 120% files.

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    Spent 2 years playing that game. It was awesome until the patch they came out with right before Lords of Destruction came out. That's when all the hackers came out of the woodwork.

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    The hacking part was the funnest of all! It was great trying to come up with the ultimate character especially making teens. Making a lvl 13 char that can kill almost any hacked lvl 99 character sure is funny

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