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    Ok, i love kazaa lite i actually have over 3,000 files. However latly my computer been fucking up. I have broadband connection, and at first it was fast. But now it has become very very slow. Many people told me its due to Kazaa. So i decided to test it. I dnl Ad ware and i deleted a lot of files including Kazaa. But now i have failed because i still dont kno what made my internet slow, because i deleted a lot of files. now it works great. Here is the thing i want to re instal kazaa lite. But would it have ad ware that would mess my computer up, and slow my internet? What should i do?

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    Kazaalite doesnt have any ad or spyware. Are you sure you didnt have regular kazaa installed. I've never had any speed issues with kazaalite slowing me down. Couldit be that when you want to dissconnect kazaa it is still actaully running in your tray?


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